Personal Home Care

We provide personal home care to help with the more intimate or personal daily routines which may have become more difficult.

Our personal home care services support the elderly and frail, physically disabled, or those with dementia with personal daily routines at home that may be impossible to do alone or have become more difficult.

This kind of support can range from:

  • Getting out of bed in the morning
  • Help with washing and dressing
  • Assistance with maintaining personal appearance
  • Help and support with toileting/incontinence
  • Getting settled in for the evening and going to bed

Dignity and Respect

We always preserve the dignity of our client, ensuring that we take a warm and respectful approach to personal home care routines.

Our service ensures┬áthat people have privacy when they need and want it, treating them as equals,┬árespecting people’s personal preferences, lifestyle and care choices.

Supporting Independence and Choice

Wherever possible, and where it is safe to do so, we will let our clients do things for themselves. We encourage independence and confidence in being independent.

Our home care team will always respect those we support, offering a personalised service, and take into account their personal lifestyle, culture, choices, and wishes.